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Fitness training will help you to create sustainable lifestyle changes to meet your personal health and wellness goals - no matter where you are in your journey.  Get the expertise from one of our experienced and dedicated trainers who will design a program backed by science and delivered with a passion for a stronger and healthier you.  

Now offering even more program options to not only fit your body but also lifestyle and budget.  Meet with a trainer one-on-one or with a partner.

One-on-one training

A certified Personal Trainer will create and guide you through a program designed specifically for you and your fitness goals. Our programs will help you reach your specific fitness goals; whether you are looking to improve your body composition, increase your flexibility, improve your balance & stability, increase strength, or work on sports-specific skills.

One Session        $43
Three Sessions    $129
Five Sessions      $215
Ten Sessions       $410

Partner Training

Training side-by-side with a partner helps keep you motivated, gives you added support, can help you enjoy your workouts more, is more affordable than training alone, and studies have even shown that you can burn more calories by adding a competitive edge to your workout!  Partner Training is an excellent option for friends, spouses, parent and child and teammates and our experienced personal trainers will keep you on target.

*Pricing includes two people.

One Session        $64
Three Sessions    $193
Five Sessions      $322
Ten Sessions       $615

For more information on Personal Training please contact Jessica Neglia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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