Riegel Ridge Community Center



1. Membership

o Membership is discounted to residents and taxpayers of Holland Township. All persons outside of Holland Township are welcome to join. Membership is nontransferable.

2. Identification Cards

o All members will be issued a bar coded key tag, which must be shown for admission to, and be exhibited at all times within the fenced-in portion of the center.
o Bar coded key tags are nontransferable. Anyone transferring a card or receiving a transferred card may have pool privileges revoked for the remainder of the season without refund.
o Lost cards must be reported immediately to the pool management and will be replaced at the Front Desk.

3. Use of the Community Pool

o All members, upon presenting their bar coded key tag shall be entitled to use the facility.

1. Adult guests of a member (member must be present) pay a one-day fee of eight ($8.00) dollars.
2. Children one (1) to sixteen (16) and seniors sixty and older pay a one-day fee of five ($5.00) dollars.
3. Children under one (1) year of age are free.

o All guests must be accompanied by a member. A member is allowed three (3) guest passes. The member must remain with guests at all times.
o Residents or Non-Residents can pay a daily fee and utilize the pool for the day at the pricing of:

1. Adults pay a one-day fee of ten ($10.00) dollars.
2. Children one (1) to sixteen (16) and seniors sixty and older pay a one-day fee of seven ($7.00) dollars.

4. General Rules

o No person shall be allowed in the water when a lifeguard is not present.
o No swimming will be permitted in the diving area of the main pool except as permitted by the pool manager. Diving will be permitted only in the designated diving areas.
o No swimming during electrical storms.
o Children using the baby pool must be attended by an adult. All persons including babies must wear swim suits in both the main and baby pool. Babies also must wear approved swim diapers in the baby pool.
o Changing of diapers on the pool deck is prohibited.
o All persons having a communicable disease, open blisters or cuts, sore or inflamed eyes, ears, nose or mouth infections, excessive sunburn or any type of skin disease will be excluded from the pool area. No bandages will be allowed in the water.
o Do not enter the water if you are experiencing or recovering from diarrhea or have had any signs or symptoms of a gastrointestinal (stomach) disease in the past seven days.
o Dressing and undressing shall be done only in the locker rooms. Dress in the RRCP shall be consistent with standards of good taste and any pertinent ordinances.
o Radios must have headphones.

5. Miscellaneous

o The Riegel Ridge Community Pool is not responsible for personal property brought into the facility or stored in lockers.
o All litter, paper and other debris must be placed in designated trash receptacles.
o Inflatable flotation devices are prohibited at all times during general swim hours except for designated float nights.
U.S. Coast Guard life jackets (check with RRCP Manager) are permitted provided that a responsible adult is in the water with the child at all times. No rescue jackets are to be worn on slides or diving board.
o Members and guests with special needs are welcome. Our staff is pleased to assist.

6. General Prohibitions

o No alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the facility or on facility grounds.
o No glass containers may be brought within the fenced-in portion of the pool area.
o No gum chewing within pool area.
o No smoking inside the facility, on facility grounds and on Riegel Ridge property.
o No vulgarity, wrestling, rowdiness, running, ball playing, gambling or similar activities affecting the safety or comfort of others will be permitted in the pool, the pool deck, the bathhouse or parking lot. Such conduct will result in disciplinary action by the management.
o No animals, except “working” dogs.
o No blowing of horns, any other unnecessary noise, or loitering will be permitted in the pool area.

7. Enforcement of Rules and Regulations

o A copy of these rules and regulations shall be prominently posted at the pool, and they shall be strictly enforced.
o The Riegel Ridge Community Pool, its designated representative, or the RRCP Manager, may close or limit the swimming facilities or establish such additional rules and regulations whenever, in the opinion of the aforementioned, such action is deemed necessary or desirable for the protection of the health, safety, or welfare of persons using the facility.

8. Penalties or Revocation of Membership

o Any person who violates RRCP rules and regulations shall be subject to immediate ejection from the facility by the RRCP Manager or, in his absence, by the Assistant Manager. Memberships are subject to revocation or suspension by the Riegel Ridge Community Pool, for violation of RRCP rules.
o If membership of any person or family is obtained by means of a fraudulent statement, such membership may be cancelled without refund.
o Destruction of property may result in suspension or revocation of membership without refund.
o Trespassing during or after hours is subject to loss or denial of membership.
o The Riegel Ridge Community Pool reserves the right to revoke memberships for safety reasons.